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Aamulehti poll: 43% of Finns see Russia as a threat

A poll in the Tampere daily Aamulehti has found that 43 percent of Finns regard Russia as a security threat to Finland. That represents a big rise on the previous poll in March, when barely a quarter of Finns thought their eastern neighbour was a threat.

Venäjän lippu kaksipäinen kotka -vaakunalla.
Image: Yle

A survey for Aamulehti published on Sunday has revealed a more wary attitude towards Russia among Finns. The poll found that 43 percent of respondents answered the question ‘is Russia a security threat to Finland?’ by selecting ‘quite probably a threat’ or ‘very likely a threat’.

Forty-five percent of respondents chose ‘quite probably not a threat’ and 10 percent chose ‘definitely not a threat’, giving a 55 percent majority of those more relaxed about Russia.

But the number of those wary of Russia has increased sharply since March, when just a quarter of Finns thought Moscow could be a security problem for Finland.

Taloustutkimus interviewed 1,008 Finns from across the country for the poll.

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