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Alko recalls Fireball liqueur over propylene glycol concerns

Finland’s state-owned alcohol retailer announced Monday that it was pulling bottles of Fireball liqueur from store shelves. The move follows a decision by its Swedish counterpart Systembolaget to recall the beverage over concerns that it contained the mineral oil propylene glycol.

Image: Alko Oy

In a statement issued Monday Finland's state alcohol monopoly Alko said that the Fireball brand liqueur had been prepared according to North American food regulations and therefore does not meet the requirements of the European Union’s tighter regulations concerning recommended levels of propylene glycol.

According to Alko, the substance isn’t necessarily detrimental to individuals’ health, although it is used in a wide range of cases from de-icing compounds in the aviation industry to the preparation of snack foods. It’s also used in alcoholic beverages as a flavour carrier.

Last weekend the Swedish state alcohol retailer Systembolaget withdrew Fireball from distribution after Alko revealed that the beverage contained excessive levels of propylene glycol.

Alko said that Fireball liqueur is sold in several European countries, but only so far it is the only retailer to have filed a complaint about the matter.

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