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Friday’s papers: National Coalition party's downward spiral, medical mergers, and Swedish-Finnish literary victories

Friday's newspaper review includes a Helsingin Sanomat poll that pegs the National Coalition Party at its lowest public support ranking since 1972, predictions for the next private healthcare business deal, and the joy of a major literary win for fantasy author Maria Turtschaninoff.

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Main Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat (siirryt toiseen palveluun) (HS) says the Centre Party is leading over other political parties by 7 percent according to public opinion polls commissioned by the newspaper. Of those polled, 24.5 percent say they would vote for the Centre Party. According to HS's gallup poll, the National Coalition Party, Social Democrats and Finns Party follow with 17.4, 16.4, and 16.3 percent support respectively. 

In its editorial, HS posits that the National Coalition Party is in a crisis situation. Despite the National Coalition Party’s charismatic Alexander Stubb stepping into the role of Prime Minister during the summer of 2014, Stubb’s popularity with the public has not buoyed his political party. According to HS, between August and November, National Coalition support has dropped 4.7 percent, a figure that can’t be explained away by any potential margin of error in polling.

In HS’s 2-page spread “The National Coalition’s downward slide steepens,” the newspaper says support for the National Coalition has not been this low since 1972.

Leading business newspaper Kauppalehti (siirryt toiseen palveluun) predicts the next move in the merger- and takeover-frenzied Finnish private healthcare business will be market leader Attendo's sell-off of its freelance medical doctor operations. According to Kauppalehti, the move would ensure that Attendo could concentrate on its core business, which is elder care and step away from the less conducive business of doctors-for-hire in the current economic downturn. Recent mergers in the private healthcare sector have included Pihlajalinna buying Dextra, Financial group OP Pohjola's announcement that will start up its own chain of hospitals in Tampere, Oulu, Kuopio and Turku, and the merger of Mehiläinen and Mediverkko.  

Swedish-language daily broadsheet Hufvudstadsbladet (siirryt toiseen palveluun)leads with the headline “Hooray for the literary girl!” and an article that celebrates Swedish-Finnish writer Maria Turtschaninoff's Finlandia Junior prize win for her fantasy novel _Mares_i, which beat out 6 nominated titles for the 30,000-euro prize on Thursday.  

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