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Finland to take 350 Syrian refugees in 2015

Finland has announced it will accept 350 refugees from Syria under the quota system. Altogether the Interior Ministry has said Finland will accept 750 quota refugees, with the remainder coming from Congo and Afghanistan.

Pojat leikkivät.
Syyrialaispojat leikkivät pakolaisleirillä Turkin Sanliurfassa 25. lokakuuta. Rajan toisella puolella Syyrian Kobanessa kurdijoukkojen onnistui vallata strategisesti tärkeä kukkula Isisin joukoilta, kun Yhdysvaltain johtama liittouma oli pommittanut ääri-islamistien asemia. Image: Sedat Suna / EPA

Finland is set to take in 300 fewer quota refugees in 2015 than it did in 2014. Next year the country will accept a total of 750 refugees as part of the quota system, compared to 1,050 this year.

The decision represents a reversion to the norm, with the extra 300 taken in this year as an exceptional response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

In 2015 Finland will take 350 refugees from Syria, 150 from Congo, 150 from Afghanistan and another hundred spots reserved for so-called emergency cases. That is where refugees need medical attention or have an especially urgent need for asylum.

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