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Tenth annual birdwatching event helps gather statistics

The goal of the so-called ”Backyard Bird-Spotting” happening, organised by BirdLife Finland, is to involve people in ornithology and to help the association gather information on Finnish birds and their habitats.

Lintuharrastaja Kari Mäntylä tiirailee kiikareilla
Binoculars are essential to birdwatchers. Image: Jari Pelkonen / Yle

Ornithological association BirdLife Finland is organising its tenth annual birdwatching event, which asks Finns all over the country to observe their home environs for an hour and to record the feathered friends they observe. The observations can then be sent to the organisation for cataloguing.

The bird-spotting event – Pihabongaus – intends to interest people in ornithology and nature. The results of their Finland-wide happening accrue information on wintry birdlife and changes in the birds’ ecosystems, BirdLife Finland says in its release.

The association says that some 19,000 people attended the nationwide event last year, and more than half a million individual birds from nearly 90 species were spotted.

Publicist for BirdLife Finland Jan Södersved says that the ten-year run of the yearly event has provided the association with significant statistics on Finnish winter birds.

“This kind of crowd-sourced research provides us with better information the longer we continue to involve people in such a direct way,” Södersved says.

So far, the information gathered via bird-spotting enthusiasts has shown, among other things, that the Eurasian blue tit has spread northward and become more common.

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