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2014: Lowest drink driving fatalities on record

Deaths caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol in 2014 were nearly half of the figure the previous year, the lowest number in accident investigation history.

Kolaroitu auto.
Image: Tarja Nyyssönen / Yle

Preliminary Motor Insurers' Centre figures show that there were a total of 27 drink driving fatalities in 2014, which is the lowest number on record.

The number of alcohol related accidents overall dropped as well, which contributed to the decline in fatalities. Out of all traffic deaths, some 17 percent were alcohol-related; that figure is normally closer to 26 percent.

However, some 40 percent of the intoxicated drivers involved in accidents had so much alcohol in their bloodstreams that they would be guilty of aggravated drunken driving.

A quarter of drunk driving accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, but vehicles simply driving off roads is the most common way alcohol-related accidents occur.

A clear majority of all alcohol-related accidents were caused by drivers in automobiles, while 20 percent were on motorcycles.

Despite the improvement in 2014, the Motor Insurers' Centre said that there’s still work to be done to eliminate drink drivers from the roads.

Sources: Yle

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