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Wednesday’s papers: Early voting begins, post office tests elderly home services and homegrown chili peppers

A look at Wednesday’s papers makes it abundantly clear: It’s peak election season. Papers featured many pages of articles – and even more candidate advertisements – in the run-up to parliamentary elections on April 19. In other news, the national postal service is trying out a new home care service for the elderly, and some helpful gardening hints for growing hot chili peppers.

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Image: Yle

If you’re still unsure about which candidate you’re planning to vote for, a look through most of today’s papers likely won’t make your decision a whole lot easier. However, it is likely a windfall week at newspaper ad sales departments.  Dozens and dozens of political party and candidate ads filled pages, and most publications also featured scores of articles about campaigns and candidate interviews.

Helsingin Sanomat, like other papers, announced that today, Wednesday, is the first chance to vote early before the official election day on April 19. Center party-aligned newspaper Suomenmaa’s front page reads: "Final sprint to the elections begin." On the other hand, Finland’s two biggest daily tabloids Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti were virtually devoid of any mention of the elections.

Posti tries out domestic help for seniors

Tucked away on page 11 of Aamulehti we found a story from the Finnish news agency STT that the national postal service Posti is testing out a home care service for elderly people in Espoo. In conjunction with the Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Posti is conducting a six-month trial providing short term – between 15 minutes to half an hour per visit – services like trash removal and food delivery to senior citizens living at homes who require extra help. The trial will begin in the Leppävaara and Lintuvaara districts of Espoo, the paper wrote.

Grow your own heat

Wednesday’s spring-like gardening insert in Turun Sanomat featured an interview with the author of Chilikirja (The Chili Book), Teija Aaltonen. The author gives readers tips on growing and enjoying chili peppers.

For a country that long considered ground white pepper to be the hottest spice in the spice rack, a definite chili craze hit in the beginning of the 2000s and has grown exponentially since. Last summer, a chili festival drew 30,000 people to Tampere and the trade in all things chili can be seen on grocery store shelves, garden centers and online chili pepper seed outlets.

Aaltonen said that growing and enjoying chili peppers isn’t just for macho 'chili heads', as anyone can enjoy the hobby.

Sources: Yle, HS, Suomenmaa, Aamulehti, Turun Sanomat

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