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Finnish fighter planes in the Netherlands and Baltics for exercises

Six Finnish Air Force F/A-18 fighter aircraft are currently in the Netherlands taking part in multi-national exercises under the auspices of the NATO Partnership for Peace programme. Next week, two Finnish fighters will be flying training missions over the Baltic States.

Hornet kentällä.
Karjalan lennoston Hornet-hävittäjiä Rissalassa maaliskuussa. Image: Antti Karhunen / Yle

The Finnish fighters involved in the exercise in the Netherlands are flying out of the Leeuwarden airbase in the north of that country. The multi-national exercises are, in the main, being flown over the North Sea.

Approximately 50 aircraft from 10 countries are participating in the exercise. Finland is the only non-NATO country taking part.

Next week, two Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Hornets will be flying in the NATO-organized BRTE 20 training exercise. The planes will operate out of their home base in Finland, but make landings at the Ämari airbase in Estonia during the two days of training operations.

Finland has been taking part in two or three of the series of BRTE exercises annually since 2012. Aircraft from Sweden, another non-NATO country, will also be participating.

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