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Survey: Kids 'overwhelmed' by constant flow of information

A fresh survey on media habits found that children and older kids play and draw less these days - but they’re listening to music more than they were a year ago.

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The survey found that youngsters between the ages of three and 16 spend more time on social media, watching online videos, doing homework and listening to music, compared with last years’ figures.

Time spent watching television has declined for children, but so too has the time they spend playing and drawing.

The biggest increase in reading was found in age groups between seven and 10 years of age. The study found that kids still prefer real books over electronic formats when reading.

A full 67 percent said they preferred to read traditional books, magazines and newspapers.

Too much information?

Some 40 percent said they feel overwhelmed by the constant flow of information in their lives. They said they don’t always have the energy to reply to messages on social media like Facebook or Whatsapp.

But that feeling,  at least to a third of the young respondents, make them they feel like they’re left out if they don’t constantly keep up with social media.

Nearly 80 percent of the respondents said they considered themselves good at having a critical eye about sources on facts and information they find on the internet. But only half said they use multiple sources to verify information.

The survey’s findings were made by polling company TNS Gallup, which surveyed some 1,100 children and young adults in February and March of this year.

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