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Ex-cop Aarnio gets prison sentence in first corruption verdict

Former head of the Helsinki drug squad Jari Aarnio has been slapped with a prison sentence of one year and eight months for a conflict of interest in the acquisition of surveillance equipment from a company in which he had a financial interest.

Jari Aarnio
Jari Aarnio Image: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

The court found ex-drug cop Jari Aarnio guilty of aggravated abuse of office from 2009 to 2010. The prosecutor had previously called for a minimum prison sentence of at least four years for registry offences, aggravated abuse of office aggravated fraud and aggravated bribe-taking.

According to the prosecution, Aarnio had been involved in the procurement of surveillance equipment and software on behalf of the Helsinki police department. The devices were bought from a company known as Trevoc, in which Aarnio had invested and held decision-making power.

Hearings in the Trevoc case began last December in the Helsinki district court, and ended in April.

In addition to the charges related to his dealings with Trevoc, Aarnio is at the centre of a wide-ranging drugs case, where he is facing eight felony charges. Hearings in that case will begin in Helsinki on Thursday.

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