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Sausage recalled over unlabelled cheese content

Finnish artisanal sausage maker Tapola is advising retailers to pull its Parrillat Tulikeppi grilling sausages from store shelves because they contain cheese that has not been listed on the product label. The company says the cheese could cause allergic reactions in customers who are sensitive to or intolerant of dairy products.

Kuva Tapolan Parrillat Tulikeppi -makkarapakkauksesta.
Image: Tapola

The Tampere-based company said Tuesday that the spicy grilling sausage may contain cheese that is not indicated on the product label. The packaging shows a latest recommended usage date of 12.8.2015. Retailers of the sausage have been advised to withdraw the lot from sale.

Tapola said that a small quantity of a different sausage that contains cheese inadvertently found its way into the lot of grilling sausages during the packaging stage, so the cheese content is not noted on the label.  It noted that the cheese could make the product unsafe for individuals with dairy allergies.

The recall affects more than 3,000 packages of the Parrillat Tulikeppi sausages, although the company estimated that no more than 100-150 packages actually contain cheese-laced sausages.

The manufacturer is also advising persons with dairy allergies who have purchased the product to return the empty packaging to its Tampere facility by August 13. The packaging must display the product’s expiry date.

Tapola is best known in Finland for its one-of-a-kind mustamakkara or black sausage - a Finnish take on the blood-sausage dish that is prepared around the world from animal blood cooked with various thickening agents and spices.

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