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Two Finns Party officials resign in protest of proposed cuts

Two Finns Party activists have resigned from their positions, in protest of the governing coalition’s announced budget cuts. Teijo Petäjäjärvi, the party’s district secretary for the capital region of Uusimaa, and Rene Hursti, Helsinki city councillor and heir to the Heikki Hursti charity legacy, says they are deeply disappointed that the Finns Party has colluded in a budget plan they believe will significantly undermine the livelihoods of low-income labourers relying on shift work.

Perussuomalaisten puheenjohtaja Timo Soini puhumassa perussuomalaisten puoluekokouksessa Turun Logomossa lauantaina 8. elokuuta. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Finns Party district secretary for the Uusimaa region, Teijo Petäjäjärvi announced his resignation from his post in a press conference on Thursday. He says his decision was motivated by the Finns Party acceptance of the budget cut proposals, which he believes will unfairly affect low-income shift workers in an adverse way.

Petäjäjärvi said the opposition party that performed so well in the last parliamentary session has apparently disappeared from the political arena altogether.

Rene Hursti, another Finns Party member who sat on Helsinki's city council, submitted his resignation on Wednesday. He says the Finns Party is no longer the party he joined if it is okay with cutting money to the country’s poor.

Hursti said he could understand the Greek bailouts, but the cuts announced by the government this week went too far.

“I was forced to choose between my voters and the party, and I chose the former,” said Hursti.

Petäjäjärvi told Yle that all is not well within the Finns Party ranks and all kinds of things were underfoot. He said a sense of disillusionment was clearly in the air.

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