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School holidays start in mild conditions

Mild weather is on the way for the start of the autumn half-term holidays, according to Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström.

Kuuraa nurmikolla
Syksyn lehti maahan ehti. Image: Hanne Leiwo / Yle

Finnish children are set to enjoy time off school ranging from a couple of days to a whole week from Monday—and they’ll get mild, dry weather for the autumn break.

That’s according to Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström, who says that there’s no need for motorists to switch to winter tires despite recent night frosts.

“There’s no snow on the horizon,” said Borgström. “It’s actually going to warm up a little. Sunday night is going to be noticeably warmer than the previous night. The trend is towards cloudier conditions, but the coming week will be mainly dry.”

Temperatures could rise as high as ten degrees Celsius in the coming days, according to Borgström. Lapland is cooler, but even there temperatures should rise above freezing during the day.

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