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Tax data: Average Finn earned around 3,000 euros a month in 2014

The average wage-earner in Finland made around 3,000 euros a month and paid about 30 percent in taxes and tax-like payments, according to data released by the tax administration on Monday.

Satasen euron seteleitä.
Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Middle-income employees had an income hovering around the 3,000 euro mark in 2014. The top ten percent of income earners made more than 4,900 euros a month, while the lowest-earning decile brought home less than 2,100 euros.

That’s according to data from the tax administration that was published on Monday. The mean salary, according to the Taxpayers’ association, was around 3,300 euros. That equates to an annual salary of around 41,200 euros, once holiday bonuses are included in the calculations.

The tax rate on that salary, including municipal and income taxes and health and pension insurance payments, would be around 30 percent. Middle income earners back in the 1990s would have paid around 37.5 percent of their income in tax.

That rate dropped until 2009, when it stood at around 29.3 percent. The median salary, meanwhile, as calculated by Statistics Finland, was 2,946 euros in 2014.

The highest earning tenth of taxpayers made more than 4,900 euros per month, while the poorest decile made less than 2,100 euros each month.

The Taxpayers’ Association says that middle income earners’ tax rate this year will be 31.2 percent, but it will fall a little next year to settle at 31 percent.

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