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Can you spot a bear in the woods? Take our test!

What do bear droppings look like? What does the fox say? – Test your knowledge of Finnish forest animals!

Tunnetko suomalaiset eläimet?

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Can you identify Finnish animals by their sounds or droppings?

Animal pictures may be recognisable – but how about their sounds or scat? Take this quiz.

Do you know Finnish wildlife? – Test your forest sense.

You may not be likely to encounter a bear, lynx or wolverine in the forest, but their scat is seen much more often. And few have heard the call of a fox. Can you identify these 10 denizens of Finland’s wilds? An expert can recognise them by sound or scat, but you can also use both to name them.

You'll earn two points if you identify an animal by either its call or its faeces, one point if you use both clues, and none for wrong answers.
Answers are collected using Google Form.
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Sources: Metsähallitus Forest and Park Services. Photo sources: Yle, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finnish Wildlife Agency "

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