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Immigration Service to investigate 30 high-incidence reception centres

Police have sent the Finnish Immigration Service a list of reception centres that have kept police the busiest. Police want to tone down the amount of police work, and having smaller units might work, says one Immigration Service specialist.

Hennalan hätämajoitusyksikkö
Image: Vihtori Koskinen / Yle

The Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) is due to investigate how reception centres with a high rate of police activity should be developed. Police sent the FIS a list of 30 centres considered the most risky.

FIS reception centre unit chief Jorma Kuuluvainen says that a team of experts will go through all 130 Finnish reception centres. The first phase will focus on the 30 centres o the list sent by the police.

One of those at-risk centres is the Hennala emergency housing centre in Lahti, where 650 asylum-seekers are housed.

"We will sift through the risk factors one by one. We will investigate the options we have for improving security in these units. One measure could be to make the centres smaller," Kuuluvainen says.

Kuuluvainen says that the investigation has just begun but will be moved forward briskly.

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