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SK: Anti-immigrant street patrols extend to Pori

A neo-Nazi group has reportedly started street patrols in the western town of Pori. The move follows a similar group in Kemi, which is reportedly led by a neo-Nazi, called the Soldiers of Odin.

Marko Mäki Odinin sotureiden katupartiosta.
Image: Minna Aula / Yle

The western town of Pori has seen street patrols by neo-Nazis, according to an announcement by the self-proclaimed national socialist organisation, the Finnish Resistance Movement (SVL).

Satakunnan Kansa reported that the SVL had started the patrols on Independence Day, and it has already extended those activities to other towns in the Satakunta region that host reception centres for asylum seekers. 

"We take a very negative view of these street patrols," said Timo Vuola of western Finland police. "We can’t forbid people from gathering and walking, but in general organising street security patrols is illegal. That’s the police’s job."

Earlier this year a group called Soldiers of Odin, which is led by a neo-Nazi, started street patrols in the northern town of Kemi. The group said it was responding to a security threat posed by an influx of asylum seekers.

Satakunta police, meanwhile, say that the security situation is still good.

"The security situation in the province is still good," Vuola told Satakunnan Kansa.

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