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This winter’s cold record broken again

Cold air from the Arctic is dominating weather conditions in Finland, with the coldest temperatures of the winter so far recorded on Wednesday. The severe cold is expected to continue on Thursday and into Friday for most of the country.

Halo-ilmiö valokuvattuna Helsingin Suvilahdessa.
Halo-ilmiö valokuvattuna Helsingin Suvilahdessa. Image: Marja Väänänen / Yle

Finland is enveloped in a Siberian deep freeze this week, with even the warmest parts of the country experiencing temperatures of around -20 degrees Celsius. The coldest areas of Lapland are approaching -40 degrees.

The lowest temperature recorded so far this winter was seen in Pokka, Kittilä, where the mercury hit -38.2 degrees. That may well be beaten before this cold snap ends.

Southern regions of Finland are also shivering through the Epiphany holiday, with temperatures down to between -20 and -25, while in the centre of the country things are colder at up to -30 degrees.

This spell of cold conditions is expected to continue on Thursday, and for most parts of the country into Friday.

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