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Coldest temperature this winter seen in Muonio: -41

Finland’s big freeze continues on Thursday, with a new low for this winter recorded in Lapland. Muonio, on the Swedish border, saw the temperature dip below -40 degrees Celsius at around 6am.

Sinivalkoinen ja hiukan punertava sävy Pallastuntureilla 6.12. Image: Katri Niskanen, Kittilä

Severe cold continues to chill Finland, with temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius across the country—and a new winter low recorded in Muonio, Lapland. Up there the mercury dipped to -40.7 degrees at 6am on Thursday, before dropping to -41 at 8am. That is colder than at any time this winter.

The cold has also caused delays to train services, and there is a power cut affecting Kilpisjärvi in the far north-west of the country—where temperatures were below -30 degrees on Thursday morning.

The power cut was first reported at around 4am, and local power firm Enontekiö Sähkö Oy is working to find and repair the fault.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Finland was -51.5 degrees, in 1999 at Pokka, Kittilä.

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