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Zabludowicz collection opens in Helsinki

Part of the private collection of one of Finland's wealthiest families, the Zabludowicz Collection is currently on display at Helsinki's Taidehalli art museum. Selected works represent mixed-media and multimedia genres over painting and sculpture, and all the works are by young, rising international talents.

Irish artist Laura Buckley's installation "Shields". Image: Taidehalli

Of the 3,000 works in the Zabludowicz Collection, only about a dozen are on display in Helsinki at Taidehalli art museum in the city centre.

All are multimedia works or installations by artists under 40 that were created during or inspired by artistic residencies at the Zabludowicz's summer place in Sarvisalo, near Loviisa.

The Zabludowicz Collection is the brainchild of the eponymous publicity-shy billionaire couple, who live in London but have strong ties to Finland. Chaim Zabludowicz, known as Poju, grew up in Finland. His British wife Anita Zabludowicz is responsible for the collection's acquisitions.

Elizabeth Neilson, director of the Zabludowicz Collection, says, "We are a family collection and therefore the personality of the family shapes it, so it is unique and willing to engage with different mediums."

Foreign artists have clearly been inspired by Finnish nature that is incorporated or referred to in many of the pieces. The work of only one Finnish artist, Antti Laitinen, is featured in the exhibition.

It's a strong boost for contemporary artists that such a significant collection has a strong relationship with Finland. Having an art work acquired by the Zabludowicz Collection may bode well for an artist's international career.

The Zabludowicz Collection exhibition runs to April 24.

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