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String of arson attempts overnight in north-eastern Helsinki

Rescue services were busy in the early hours Saturday when several small fires were started in the north-eastern Helsinki district of Tapaninvainio. The worst blaze destroyed the roof of a sauna building located in the courtyard of a block of flats, posing a real danger to the surrounding buildings. No one was injured in the incidents, but the fires caused significant damage.

Autokatoksen sammutusta nosturista käsin.
Image: Yle

Fires set in eight different locations in northeast Helsinki early Saturday morning caused significant damage, but no one was hurt.

The string of suspected arson incidents destroyed a carport, a pile of lumber, a bulletin board in a housing complex and a compost and two heaps of yard waste. The roof of a courtyard building in a block of flats was also damaged beyond repair. Fire fighters worked until morning to extinguish the blaze. 

Tip-offs welcome

The Helsinki Police have appealed to the public for hints about the possible perpetrator. Preliminary data has led them to believe the person worked alone.

“It looks as if a lone arsonist was at work, as the fires were all started in a small area,” says Inspector Heikki Sandberg of the Helsinki Police Department.

But nothing is certain about the incidents, so any tips or clues are welcome.

“We have our own ways of getting to the bottom of what happened, but they aren’t always enough. Particularly in cases like this, it would be great to have public assistance,” he says.

Several people gathered at many of the fire sites to help put out the fires, among other things, and the police would be grateful for any information they could provide. The number to call is 029 541 7935.

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