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Cyber security expert: EU and NATO co-operation pledge bodes well for Finland

At the recent Warsaw NATO Summit, which wrapped up on Saturday, EU and NATO leaders pledged to deepen cooperation in five areas, including cyber safety and security - two areas of Finnish expertise. Cyber security expert Jarno Limnéll says this is good news for Finland, especially if a potential EU hybrid threat defence centre were to be located in Finland.

Jarno Limnéll.
Jarno Limnéll. Image: Yle

Finnish cyber security expert Jarno Limnéll believes the new joint declaration by NATO and the EU indicates "the desire to deal with hybrid threats and hybrid war in a very serious way."

The Aalto University professor was speaking on Yle's TV1 on Monday morning. He went on to say that the joint declaration on EU-NATO cooperation was one of the most important decisions of the summit.

”I also see that Finland has a lot to give to this kind of cooperation that NATO and the EU are now emphasising,” he added.

According to Limnéll the summit was a success.

”In my eyes Europe and the whole Western world appears more together after this summit than before the event,” he said.

Hybrid threat defence centre

NATO and EU leaders are mulling the establishment of a hybrid threat defence centre as part of a move to deepen cooperation in key areas.

"NATO is welcoming EU development of different skills and vice versa. I think this would be a very positive thing for Finland now that founding this potential EU hybrid expertise centre has been discussed publicly. For the EU, for NATO and especially for Finland, it would be a great opportunity," said Limnéll.

Sources: Yle

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