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One Ruisrock rape investigation still underway, rest halted

Of a total of three suspected rape cases and two sexual harassment instances at the Ruisrock festival, the investigations of one harassment and one rape case are still ongoing.

Poliisi-teksti poliisin huomioliivissä.
Image: Esa Huuhko / Yle

Police are still investigating one of three reported rape cases following the three-day Ruisrock festival in Turku. The other two rape investigations have been suspended after police found no evidence of a crime.

Investigating officer Petri Lamppu confirms that the alleged rape still being investigated occurred in a portable festival toilet. The alleged victim is an adult person.

"The motives are still being examined, but intoxicants may have been involved. The chain of events is still under investigation," Lamppu says.

In addition to the three reports of rape, police were informed of two cases of sexual harassment, meaning unwanted physical advances such as groping and touching. In one of the cases the perpetrator was not apprehended, but the other alleged harasser is in custody.

No parallel with Swedish crimes

Lamppu says the number of reported crimes is not high in relation to the number of festival-goers in attendance – more than 90,000 people. He also references recent events at Swedish festivals, where numerous harassment and rape cases have been reported.

"We are not even in the same ballpark as the situation on the other side of the bay," Lamppu says. "There is no reason to worry, and we have no intention of belittling the seriousness of the crimes here."

Of all rapes reported to the police in Finland, only 23 percent lead to criminal charges and 18 percent to convictions. The figures are low compared to crimes such as assault, of which half lead to convictions.

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