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Monday's papers: Finns in Nice, Finns in Turkey, 90s star passes, long-term weather

Finland's dailies feature broad coverage of the two biggest international news items currently developing: the deadly attack in Nice and the attempted coup in Turkey. Finns on the scenes of these world events tell their stories. Other papers report on the untimely death of a pop star of yesteryear and an uncommonly far-sighted weather forecast.

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Finnish experiences abroad are among this Monday's top print media stories in Finland. Top daily Helsingin Sanomat runs an article on Töytäris, a couple who were vacationing in Nice, France last week when the deadly terror attack on the Promenade des Anglais occurred.

"First we noticed people starting to film something with their cameras, and ten seconds later everyone just started running towards us," says Pasi Töytäri in the piece. "We thought a fight had broken out."

Wife Irina Töytäri is seven weeks pregnant and injured her foot in the ensuing chaos.

"An unbelievable number of people were running in panic," she says. "The whole thing felt so unreal, like something out of a movie."

Pasi Töytäri is a tech CEO, but also an army reserve military police officer. He says that his training probably helped both of them to keep calm in the devastating situation.

"We were also lucky not to have seen anybody lose their life that day. This was traumatic, but we will return to Nice again."

Turkey reactions, singer Miisa succumbs

One of the front page picks of tabloid Ilta-Sanomat this Monday offers a Finnish angle to the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, with one woman saying she is "not worried".

"The security threat involves large places with lots of people. [My family and I] lived in Istanbul for six years before moving to Kouvola, so we don't feel all that worried," says Niina Cinpir. "Turkey has announced that the danger is over. They wouldn't have let anyone leave from Helsinki otherwise."

Flights were delayed over the weekend following the attempted coup, and many Finns have also cancelled their trips to Turkey, IS says. The Foreign Ministry updated its official release on Sunday, urging travellers to exercise caution when in Turkey, after it first recommended Finns to avoid travel there altogether on Saturday.

"[Tomorrow] Tuesday we will offer our customers the opportunity to cancel or exchange their tickets without cost," says Julia Melnik from the Finnmatkat agency.

Elsewhere in Ilta-Sanomat there is a spread on the untimely death of a once-famous Eurodance singer, Miisa Päällysaho-Mustonen. She passed after struggling with illness at the young age of 46.

Under her stage name Miisa, Päällysaho-Mustonen was one of Finland's brightest Eurodance pop stars who gained international fame in the 1990s. Her record deal with Ichiban Records in the US looked set to propel her to stardom, but her big break never came. She withdrew from public life and started working as a makeup artist in the early 2000s.

"Miisa was extremely creative and had a knack for reinventing herself," says pop culture guru Wille Wilenius in IS. "She was utterly sweet and positive."

Conditions till mid-August

Fellow tabloid Iltalehti stretches the limits of modern meteorology by offering a one-month weather forecast in its big summertime spread. Nowhere on the line graph are temperatures indicated to rise above the magical 25 degrees Celsius, Finland's official limit for hot summer weather.

The forecast uses three different techniques to attempt to predict the conditions of the coming weeks. Meteorologists are able to foretell atmospheric circumstances fairly accurately within five days, after which computer-simulated forecasts cover the next nine days until the end of July. The predictions reach up to August 18 using another simulation based on existing climate data.

"There will be less rain incoming for the rest of the summer compared to the precipitation we've seen so far," says FMI meteorologist Anja Häkkinen. "We might see some 10 millimetres early in the week."

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