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The article is more than 7 years old

Bank of Finland’s website suffers denial-of-service attack

According to the Bank of Finland, a denial-of-service attack was carried out on the websites of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority in the early hours of Monday morning. The problem has now been fixed and web services are working.

Sormet tietokoneen näppäimillä.
Image: Antti Haanpää / Yle

"It was a traditional denial-of-service attack that involved directing too much traffic to the site,” says the Bank of Finland’s IT expert Petteri Vuolasto.

According to Vuolasto the situation was largely an inconvenience and the problem did not affect bank security.

Similar attacks have been carried out this year, for example, on various government ministry websites.

”This attack was directed at the public websites of the Bank of Finland and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, there was no phishing involved,” says Vuolasto.

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