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Wednesday's papers: Youth unemployment down, Amazon coming to Finland, birth at train station

Finland's newspapers on Wednesday featured stories about how for the first time in years, unemployment figures went down slightly for workers under the age of 25 in the month of June. Global online retailer Amazon is reportedly opening up shop in Finland this month. A woman gave birth in a restroom of Helsinki Central railway station on Tuesday.

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Tampere-based daily Aamulehti reports that youth unemployment figures went down in June - if very slightly - for the first time in years.

Employment expert at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Janne Savolainen told Aamulehti that the number of youths registering themselves as unemployed began to slow down already back in October of last year. He said figures for those unemployed longer than three months also dropped for the first time in years.

But Savolainen emphasised that the difference between this year and last year's figures were "very small."

"We still need to be cautious, and see which direction this development will take," Savolainen told Aamulehti.

According to the paper the region doing best in terms of boosting youth employment is Ostobothnia, which has a rate of 13.4 percent unemployed people under the age of 25.

The worst off regions include northern Karelia (29.2 percent unemployment), Kainuu (28.8 percent), Kymenlaakso (26.9 percent), northern Ostrobothnia (26.5 percent), and Lapland (26 percent).

In the south of the country, and home to the capital region, youth unemployment in Uusimaa stands at 14.2 percent, and Finland's overall figure for unemployed youths is 20.1 percent, according to Aamulehti. coming soon?

Around the world, it appears that online retailing giant Amazon's is on a hiring spree and gearing up for major expansion.

The American company is reportedly hiring tens of thousands of workers and according to Finnish tech news outlet this expansion includes Finland.

According to Tivi, "Amazon is coming to Finland" in August. The company posted a notice that it is "looking to hire exceptional talent to help fuel growth and continue our innovation," and holding informational meetings at Scandic Tampere Station in Tampere today Wednesday and held a similar meeting in Espoo on Tuesday.

Tivi writes that Amazon is seeking workers in its Kindle e-book European business unit, software developers, hardware experts, architects, technical project managers and sales and marketing staff.

The brief article notes that there are likely many former Nokia workers in both Espoo and Tampere who might apply for the jobs, as the towns were hit especially hard by job cuts in recent years.

Apart from the announcement of the employment meetings this week, Amazon has not commented further about plans to open up business in Finland.

Baby born in train station WC

A Helsinki commuter who stopped into Helsinki Central railway station's restroom at about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon was startled by screaming coming from another woman in an adjacent toilet stall.

"A woman called for help and when I ran to the next stall, I saw (a woman) lying on the floor. Blood was everywhere. I have a child myself and knew that the woman was having contractions," the eyewitness told evening tabloid Iltalehti.

An ambulance was called and a large crowd gathered around the doors of the gated public restroom, according to the paper.

"At some point the woman shouted to close the doors. I put my work clothes under her head and tried to help somehow. The woman groaned through her contractions and soon we heard the screams of a newborn. All of this took place within about a half an hour," the woman who was still shaking from the incident, told the paper.

"I saw the young woman with a baby in her arms. I hope she and the baby will be alright," the woman said.

Railway station cleaner Ene Kruus, who according to Helsingin Sanomat was cleaning an adjacent stall when the expectant mother began to go into labour, told Iltalehti that she was just hoping that the ambulance would arrive quickly.

The mother and her baby were transported to a hospital, but neither the eyewitness nor Kruus were able to say if the newborn was a boy or a girl.

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