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Yle poll suggests continued drop in Finns Party support

Yle's monthly tracking poll of party support suggests that backing for the Finns Party is now lower than it has been in any poll since April 2010. The Centre had the most support in the poll, followed by the SDP and then the National Coalition Party.

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Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka Lähde: Taloustutkimus

The Finns Party's tough time in government looks to be continuing, at least according to Yle's monthly poll. In the latest Yle poll support for the party was 7.6 percent—that's lower than at any time since April 2010, before the party's breakthrough election victory in 2011.

In that election they got 19.1 percent of the vote and 39 seats. They then retained 38 seats on 17.7 percent of the vote in the 2015 election.

Party chair Timo Soini has repeatedly said that party support is only important at election time, downplaying the drop in support as the government pushes through austerity measures.

According to the latest poll the Centre Party is the best supported party, with the backing of some 21.8 percent of respondents, while the Social Democrats came in second with 18.9 percent of those answering the survey fans of the Social Democrats.

The National Coalition Party saw a drop in support to 17.6 percent, a full percentage point down on the number recorded just after Petteri Orpo replaced Alexander Stubb as party chair.

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