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STT: Finnish diplomats in Stockholm abused tax-free privileges

Finnish diplomats in Stockholm are accused of abusing their rights to buy tax-free products by then passing them on to other staff—who do not have those rights. The story was reported first by the Finnish news agency STT.

Olutpulloja kaupan kylmäkaapissa.
Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Finland's embassy in Stockholm has been the centre of a tax evasion scam perpetrated by diplomats, according to the Finnish news agency STT. The agency reports that some of the officials at the embassy had passed on tax-free alcohol and tobacco to workers at the embassy who had no rights to receive them.

STT reports that the activity went on for several years up until ambassador Jarmo Viinanen stopped the practice. Viinanen was recently removed from his post in a sexual harassment probe. He has disputed the claims that he has done anything wrong.

The right for diplomats to buy products tax-free is enshrined in Swedish law. A Swedish tax expert interviewed by STT said that passing on those products to others would constitute illegal activity.

Sources: Yle

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