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Retirement for all over-60 long-term unemployed?

Minister of Justice and Minister of Labor Jari Lindström is proposing that all long-term unemployed people over the age of 60 be allowed to retire on pensions. Speaking at a Finns Party ministerial meeting on Saturday, Lindström said it would be a "just measure" in dealing with older people who cannot find jobs.

Jari Lindstöm.
Jari Lindstöm. Image: Pekka Tynell / Yle

Lindström told his fellow Finns Party cabinet members that pensions for older long-term unemployed people would be a reasonable solution, given that government employment policies are not helping this group to get back to work.

"Above all, this would be a just measure," Lindström stated when presenting his proposal.

According to the government ministers at the gathering, providing pensions to unemployed people over the age of 60 who have been without jobs for years would be "an honourable solution" to their problem. It would also free up resources now used in measures to get them back into the job market that could be invested in services for other groups of the unemployed.

It is estimated that the move would cost some 20 to 30 million euros, and that costs would decline annually.

Ease up

Lindström also expressed the hope that labour officials will learn to trust people more and be more flexible in dealing with the unemployed. He called for more flexible interpretation of rules and regulations to make them work in people's favour. While noting that the law must be followed, Lindström said that he doesn't believe that people as a matter of course are dishonest.

"Ease up a little", was Lindström's message to labour officials. 

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