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Neo-Nazi suspect remanded in custody, denies manslaughter

Neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen has been remanded in custody on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter after an assault at a far-right demonstration led to a man's death.

Törkeästä kuolemantuottamuksesta epäilty Jesse Torniainen (kuvassa oikealla) oikeudessa asianajajansa kanssa.
Jesse Torniainen (on the right in the picture) in court with his lawyer. Image: AOP

Helsinki District court has remanded in custody a neo-Nazi accused of causing the death of another man who took exception to a neo-Nazi demonstration in central Helsinki.

The suspect, Jesse Torniainen, is an active member of the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement and was part of the protest on 10 September. Police say Torniainen is a founding member of the FRM. The case is being investigated as suspected involuntary manslaughter.

Proceedings were held in secret at the suspect's request. Torniainen denies involvement in the attack.

A man born in 1988 had died a week after he was assaulted at the demonstration. He had lost consciousness and spent five days in hospital but was discharged on Thursday. He died on Friday of a massive brain haemorrhage.

Yle has decided to name Torniainen as the suspect as he has now been remanded in custody. As a leading figure in the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement he can be regarded as a public figure in an ongoing and escalating public discussion, and he has a long criminal record including attacks on foreigners.

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