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Average monthly salaries inch up to 3,300 euros

New data from Statistics Finland show that average gross monthly salaries in Finland continued their gradual annual increase to reach around 3,300 last year. Meanwhile half of working people in Finland earn less than the median of 2,900 euros per month.

Seteleitä ja euron kolikko pöydällä.
Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

The state data agency reported Thursday that average salaries among middle income earners continued their fragile growth last year. Statistics Finland figures showed that on average, full-time workers in Finland earned a monthly salary of 3,333 euros.

The figure represents gross pay inclusive of bonuses, overtime pay and in-kind benefits, but does not include performance-based or holiday bonuses. Statistics Finland said its data showed that average salaries have increased by a few dozen euros over several years.

Median salaries, which represent the mid-point of all full-time workers’ gross earnings, amounted to 2,963 euros monthly. Statistics Finland point out that this means that half of employees earn less than this sum.

Doctorates, social and health care employees highly paid

Employees who pocketed the highest median incomes all had tertiary level education, with the best-paid having doctorate degrees. The median monthly income among PhD holders was 4,900 euros.

On the flip side of the coin, workers with secondary school education, such as practical nurses or electricians, had much smaller pay packets, with the median earnings reaching 2,600 euros monthly.

Sector-wise, the fattest pay cheques were recorded in the social and healthcare field, where average monthly pay last year was just under 5,500 euros.  Workers with training in humanities and arts as well as educational research and teacher training were paid a little less than 3,700 euros every month.

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