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Season’s first snowflakes fall in Lapland

The ground was white with a light dusting of snow in northern Lapland on Tuesday morning. It was enough brighten the scene, but not enough to be officially classified as the first snowfall of the season.

Image: Jonne Järvinen / Yle

The landscape was white at Enontekiö, Inari and Utsjoki Tuesday morning. However, according to FMI Meteorologist Minna Haikonen it will not go into the official record books as the first snow of the approaching winter.

”There was not enough accumulation at any of the official measuring sites for it to be classed as first snowfall. The official lower limit is a measurement of between one and two centimetres at 8 AM," Haikonen told Yle.

Image: Yle / Minna Näkkäläjärvi

It is likely to be a while longer before Lapland gets its first official covering of snow, as the forecast is for clear and fair weather over the next few days.

Finnish Meteorological Institute statistics show that the north of Finland usually gets its first snowfall of the season during the first half of October.

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