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Berner leads ministers in 2015 earnings

Finland's tax data from 2015 was published on Tuesday, revealing how much everyone in the country earned last year. The data shows that Transport Minister Anne Berner, who holds a 30 percent in the firm founded by her grandfather, is the highest earner in the cabinet.

Anne Berner
Anne Berner Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Transport Minister Anne Berner once again topped the income rankings of government ministers in 2015, pulling in more than 600,000 euros in salary and capital income. Before she entered politics Berner was CEO and 30 percent owner of Vallila Interior, the firm founded by her Grandfather.

The next in the cabinet income rankings was Foreign Minister Timo Soini of the Finns Party, who earned 172,016 euros. Education Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen made 149,324 euros, Minister for Local Government Anu Vehviläinen pulled down 149,194 euros and Finance Minister Petteri Orpo took home a tidy 148,453.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, meanwhile made do with wages of 147,000 euros. His capital income, however, totalled 246,966 euros. Much of his wealth arrived twenty years ago when he sold his IT firm and made around 12 million euros.

Other senior politicians also had big pay packets. Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö's package was 135,060 euros, outgoing Minister for Economic Affairs Olli Rehn made 132,150 euros, and Minister for Basic Services Juha Rehula's pay added up to 130,959 euros.

Interior Minister Paula Risikko's pay was 131,699 euros, Agriculture Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen picked up 129,338 euros, Minister for Employment Jari Lindström's pay was 128,809 euros, and Minister for Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen made 104,855 euros.

Party leaders also made decent incomes, with Social Democrat Antti Rinne making 113,614 euros, Green Ville Niinistö pullin in 73,021 euros, Left Alliance chair Li Andersson making 68,361 euros and Christian Democrat Sari Essayah 57,340 euros.

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