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Officials warn of tax refund scams

Finland's Tax Administration has warned of scammers trying to use tax refunds due to be paid out in December to defraud unsuspecting email recipients. The phishing scam involves an email that asks for credit card and bank account details for the successful payment of the refunds. Officials say they never ask for this information by email or text message.

Verohallinto, Haapaniemenkatu 4, Helsingissä 3. syyskuuta.
Finland's Tax officers are warning of scams aimed at tax refund recipients. Image: Sami Halinen / Lehtikuva

Tax officials warned on Thursday that scammers have again sent out emails in an effort to 'phish' financial details from unsuspecting customers. The emails ask for credit card and bank account numbers—something the real tax authorities never do.

"Generally we see this kind of thing before the tax refunds are paid," said Inka Leisma of the Tax Administration. "If not every year, then at least every other year."

Every December Finland's tax authorities pay refunds to those who paid too much tax the previous year. As that group includes almost everyone in the country, scammers are likely to easily find email recipients waiting for a refund.

The Tax Administration says that emails asking for credit card of bank account numbers should be deleted immediately without opening them.

Sources: Yle

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