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Finnish ambassador given written warning over inappropriate behaviour

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has issued a formal reprimand to the former ambassador to Sweden, Jarmo Viinanen, over inappropriate behaviour during his time in Stockholm.

Jarmo Viinanen
Jarmo Viinanen Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Finland's former ambassador to Sweden, Jarmo Viinanen, has been given a written warning over his conduct while in Stockholm. The case came to light when Iltalehti reported that Viinanen was suspected of sexual harassment. President Sauli Niinistö subsequently recalled him to Finland.

The warning states that Viinanen's behaviour was inconsistent with his responsibilities as ambassador, and inappropriate for a high-level official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The warning comes after an investigation into claims made by staff at the embassy that Viinanen's behaviour had been inappropriate.

Viinanen has denied the charges, and he does have the right to appeal against the decision to the administrative courts.

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