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Black Friday sales quickly gaining foothold in Finland

Many shops in Finland -- both bricks and mortar and online -- are offering Black Friday discounts today and through the weekend. The popularity of the event has rapidly grown in Finland, with some retailers offering discounts of up to 95 percent.

Jonoa XXL-liikkeessä perjantaina.
Customers line up at XXL sports store on Black Friday in Helsinki. Image: Yle

Home electronics shop Gigantti is reporting that its online store hit a sales record shortly after midnight on Friday morning, just after its Black Friday sale started.

During the first hour, Gigantti's sales hit close to two million euros -- three times the amount for the same period during last year’s campaign.

Up to 95 percent off

Finnish SPOT-A-SHOP, which brings together international fashion web stores and only their discounted items, says that its web traffic has been about tenfold higher on Black Friday than on other days.

On Friday, some of the highest discounts on SPOT-A-SHOP were between 70 and 95 percent.

At traditional bricks and mortar shops there was also a lot of traffic, with people arriving early in the morning, some because a product that they were after had already sold out online. Another wave of shoppers hit the boutiques and department stores in the evening, as people were returning home from work.

Flat-screen TVs were the most-sold item in electronics shops on Black Friday.

Black Friday, which originated in the US in the 1930s, is the shopping sales day following Thanksgiving; it has quickly become a fixture in Finland.

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