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Northern lights may gleam in south on Eve night – Watch video from Lapland

In the early hours of Saturday, Dec 24, sky spotters in central and northern Finland have a good chance of spotting aurora borealis. There is even a chance of sightings in the south.

Uutisvideot: Äkäslompolossa kuvattiin upeat revontulet
Uutisvideot: Äkäslompolossa kuvattiin upeat revontulet

A brisk solar wind created northern lights in central and northern regions late into Thursday night, but cloud cover prevented effective sightings.

That same particle wind shooting out of the sun will continue until Christmas Eve, and in the first hours of Saturday the sky is expected clear somewhat. The best chance for a glimpse is in the north and centre of the country – but even southern regions are said to have a "fair chance" of experiencing the aurora borealis.

A nature photographer from Äkäslompolo in the far north was taking out the trash when he looked up to see a full-on northern light spectacle. Watch the video to see what he saw.

The solar wind will die down over Christmas.

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