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Hazardous driving conditions throughout country

The bitterly cold temperatures of the last week have given way to milder conditions of just a few degrees below zero throughout Finland. As the country thaws, the roads grow increasingly dangerous.

Auto ajaa lumipyryssä.
Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

A precipitation front is moving east over the country Saturday, bringing up to ten centimetres of snow to most areas. But things will clear up by the evening and partly cloudy skies are forecast for Sunday. 

Ari Mustala of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) says the snow will let up by Saturday evening, starting in the west.

"The latest round of snowfall will end in the west and north already in the morning. Then we'll see mild below-zero temperatures between the freezing point and minus ten degrees," he says.

A warning of hazardous driving conditions has been issued for the entire country, due to the warming weather, snow and strong winds. Mustala says the new snow in the west in particular has made the roads treacherous.

But the weather forecast predicts pleasant winter weather for Sunday, with single-digit freezing temperatures and partly sunny skies everywhere but in Lapland. The west may even see the mercury climb above zero.

Severe weather at sea

The FMI has also issued a warning of strong winds at sea. Winds may reach speeds of 17 meters per second in the Gulf of Finland, the Northern Baltic Sea, the Archipelago Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. High waves of up to four meters in height are also forecast in the morning for the Gulf of Bothnia.

Track delays return to normal

Helsinki trains and trams did not run according to schedule early on Saturday afternoon due to the blizzard. Trains are expected to run as scheduled later in the day.

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