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"112 Day" raises safety awareness

February 11th (11.2.) is Finland's national day for safety and emergency service awareness, and emergency number 112. The safety day has been observed in Finland since 1997.

Vaaratiedoten välitysjärjestelmän kokeilu Ylen tv-kanavilla 11. helmikuuta kello 11.20.
The red bar at the top of the screen is a test of the national emergency bulletin system, broadcast on television sets at 11.20 on Feb 11. Image: Yle

February 11 is Finnish national Safety Day, which raises awareness of emergency services and the service number 112.

Several cities will hold events drawing people's attention to proper methods of preventing and managing accidents and emergencies.

Training sessions on first aid and rescue operations will also be held for the public free of charge. Emergency services recommend that citizens with smart phones download the 112 application for its efficiency.

Finnish television and radio stations broadcast a test of the national emergency bulletin service at 11:20 on Saturday.

"112 Day" has been observed in Finland since 1997. A significant number of other countries worldwide also use 112 as their emergency call number.

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