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Two underage deaths in allegedly intentional car crash in Sastamala

Two seventeen-year-olds, a boy and a girl, were killed on Saturday evening in a head-on collision in Sastamala, near Tampere. Police suspect that the oncoming driver crashed into the two youths' moped car on purpose.

Kynttilöitä ja romua valtatie 12:n varrella Sastamalan ja Nokian rajalla sunnuntaina. Kaksi 17-vuotiasta nuorta menehtyi mopoauton ja pakettiauton kolarissa lauantaina.
Tragedy on the road in Sastamala. Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

A moped car and a minivan collided on Saturday evening in Sastamala, Pirkanmaa near the city of Tampere. A 17-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy were killed in the crash, and police are investigating the incident as a criminal case.

Police say that evidence suggests the male, 35-year-old minivan driver drove his van directly into the oncoming moped car deliberately. The man survived the crash and has been arrested.

The man is being investigated on charges of two counts of vehicular manslaughter, aggravated drunk driving and aggravated road safety endangerment.

Details undisclosed

Police have not announced the specific reasons why the crash is suspected to have been intentional. The technical investigation and related interrogations are ongoing.

Detective Pasi Nieminen from the Central Finland police says that current investigative facts point to the suspect and the victims being unacquainted. The driver is suspected of driving purposefully but randomly into oncoming traffic. The incident had several eyewitnesses.

"There were cars behind both vehicles whose drivers or passengers saw the crash take place," Nieminen says. "These other drivers immediately began to aid those involved, and as it happens a doctor and a paramedic were on hand. However, the two teenagers died on impact, and there was nothing to be done for them."

The minivan driver did not sustain serious injuries in the collision, though police say he is in hospital. There were no other passengers in the minivan.

Edit: Changed Sunday to Saturday evening.

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