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24-hour sting: Police issue nearly 7,000 speeding tickets in single day

During a 24-hour period that ended early Thursday morning, police patrols across Finland handed out nearly 7,000 speeding tickets in a nationwide speeding enforcement operation - even though the operation was widely publicised.

Poliisin nopeusvalvontaa.
File photo. Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Some 6,710 drivers were issued speeding tickets during a 24-hour period on Wednesday and Thursday across Finland - a result of the police's "Blitz Marathon" speed enforcement operation.

Some 5,000 of the drivers who are being handed speeding fines were caught on automatic roadside cameras.

This year marks the third EU "Blitz Marathon" in which Finland has participated. The highly-publicised surveillance effort was originally inspired by a similar programme started by police departments in Germany.

Finland's latest blitz began on Wednesday morning and lasted for 24 hours.

The sting also led to police uncovering dozens of other traffic offenses besides speeding, including de-restriction of mopeds, vehicles that had not been inspected and other violations.

Police said that this year's sting caught roughly the same amount of speeders as it did last year.

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