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Nature quiz: Do you know the names of common birds and plants in Finland?

School children in Finland will take place in a nationwide Nature Contest on May 3rd, in which they will be asked to identify several species of Finnish flora and fauna. Yle put together a short test to see how our readers would do in a similar exam.

Kukkivia niittyleinikkejä ja puna-ailakkeja.
Take our Vappu nature quiz! Image: Anu Anneli Ilmonen

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle has put together a brief quiz, asking readers to identify 12 common species of birds and wildflowers found in Finland. School children across the country will be participating in a similar test on May 3rd. How would you do if you were in their place?

The quiz below provides the answers in both English and Finnish.

1) What's the name of this little bird?

a. Common redpoll, a winter finch (Urpiainen)

b. European robin (Punarinta)

c. Red-breasted flycatcher (Pikkusieppo)

2) What wildflower is this?

a. Bellflower (Kurjenkello)

b. Mossplant (Sammalvarpio)

c. Lily of the valley (Kielo)

3) What is this bird?

a. Yellowhammer (Keltasirkku)

b. Great tit (Talitiainen)

c. Yellow wagtail (Keltavästäräkki)

4) How about the name of this plant with yellow flowers?

a. St John's wort (Särmäkuisma)

b. Buttercup (Niittyleinikki)

c. Kingcup (Rentukka)

5) What species of aquatic bird swims here?

a. Eurasian wigeon (Haapana)

b. Common goldeneye (Telkkä)

c. Pintail (Jouhisorsa)

6) What is the name of this plant?

a. Mezereon (Näsiä)

b. Redcurrant (punainen viinimarja)

c. Lingonberry (Puolukka)

7) Which species of owl is this?

a. Ural owl (Viirupöllö)

b. Boreal owl (Helmipöllö)

c. Eurasian pygmy owl (Varpuspöllö)

8) Name this violet-coloured wildflower:

a. Bellflower (Kurjenkello)

b. Harebell (Kissankello)

c. Spreading bellflower (Harakankello)

9) What is the name of this forest bird?

a. Capercaillie (Metso)

b. Black grouse (Teeri)

c. Pheasant (Fasaani)

10) These are the flowers of what plant?

a. Lilac (Syreeni)

b. Olive tree (Oliivi)

c. Bird cherry (Tuomi)

11) What about the name of this bird?

a. Garden warbler (Lehtokerttu)

b. Common whitethroat (Pensaskerttu)

c. Marsh warbler (Luhtakerttunen)

12) And finally, can you name this plant correctly?

a. Wild rose (Villiruusu)

b. Lupine (Lupiini)

c. Rosebay willowherb or fireweed (Maitohorsma)

So how did you do? Would you give the schoolkids a run for their money?

The correct answers are:

1) European robin (Punarinta), 2) Lily of the valley (Kielo), 3) Great tit (Talitiainen), 4) St John's wort (Särmäkuisma), 5) Common goldeneye (Telkkä), 6) Mezereon's berries are poisonous (Näsiä) 7) Eurasian pygmy owl (Varpuspöllö), 8) Spreading bellflower (Harakankello), 9) Black grouse (Teeri), 10) Bird cherry tree (Tuomi), 11) Common whitethroat (Pensaskerttu) and 12) known as the Rosebay willowherb in the UK and fireweed in the US, maitohorsma can be found in any Finnish field in the summertime.  

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