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10 questions: How well do you know the Finns?

If the 5.5-million population of Finland was compressed into just 100 individuals, would you be able to guess how many of them had certain values, attitudes and opinions? In the first of a four-part series, Yle uses figures from several different sources to determine how Finns would answer select questions.

Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

If the Finnish population was represented by just 100 people, how many of them…

1. Are happy?

80 out of 100. Finnish people are very happy, according to figures from the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, a think-tank financed by the Finnish business community. In last year's EVA Attitude and Value Survey, four out of every five Finnish residents answered that they were somewhat or very happy. 

2. Belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland?

72 out of 100. Figures from the largest national church of Finland put membership at four million. This number is steadily decreasing, however.

3. Believe there is no life after death?

25 out of 100. One-quarter of Finns believe that death is the end, although over a half of the 2012-2015 Gallup Eccelesiastica survey respondents in Finland also answered that no one can know what happens after we die.

4. Are interested in politics?

59 out of 100. An EVA survey from 2017 suggests that more than half of Finland's residents is interested in politics and follow political activity actively.

5. Vote in the presidential election?

53 out of 100. A total of 2,904,896 votes were cast in the last presidential election, accounting for approximately 53 percent of the population. When calculated in terms of the people eligible to vote, however, the percentage leaps to 72.8 percent, according to state-owned number cruncher Statistics Finland.

6. Trust the police?

96 out of 100. According to a yearly police barometer assessing public trust in the men and women in blue, almost the entire country considers the police somewhat or very trustworthy. The percentage grows every year, despite a few high-profile scandals. 

7. Eat meat?

93 out of 100. Almost all of the respondents to an October 2016 poll from the meat production advocacy group Lihatiedotus answered that they ate meat, but only 44 percent said they eat meat daily or almost every day. The remaining seven percent reported that it eats no meat products whatsoever.

8. Believe preserving biodiversity is important?

89 out of 100. Finns are highly sympathetic to nature conservation, as a WWF Finland survey found that almost nine out of ten respondents were highly supportive of the preservation of Finland's biodiversity.

9. Feel that climate change is the greatest environmental threat of our time?

77 out of 100. Another EVA survey found that almost four out of every five Finns agrees with this statement and believe more should be done across the globe to tackle the problem swiftly. 

10. Are of the opinion that men and women in Finland today are sufficiently equal?

54 out of 100. A poll from three years ago indicated that just over half of Finns agree completely or somewhat with the claim that Finnish males and females are on equal-enough footing.  A large percentage, 38 percent, disagreed with the statement.

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