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Budget airline Eurowings to start Helsinki-Berlin route early next year

Lufthansa's low-fare airline Eurowings will begin flying between Helsinki and Berlin, Germany at the beginning of next year, according to the Finnish aviation news outlet Lentoposti.

File photo. Image: Oliver Berg / EPA
Yle News

Budget airline firm Eurowings is reportedly planning to fly round-trip flights between Helsinki Airport and Berlin's Tegel Airport on January 15, 2018.

The airline's parent company, German carrier Lufthansa, says Eurowings will fly the route six days per week, every day except Thursdays, according to the aviation news site Lentoposti.

The communications department of Finland's nationwide state-owned airport maintenance firm Finavia confirmed to Yle that Eurowings plans to begin flying the Helsinki-Berlin route but had no further comment.

Eurowings' expansion into Finland is part of Lufthansa's ongoing negotiations regarding taking over routes from budget airline Air Berlin, which filed for bankruptcy in August.

With further growth of Eurowings, Lufthansa is aiming to make the cheap-fare carrier one of the top three budget airlines in Europe. The airline now serves 130 destinations across the continent.

The company's website showed the most affordable round-trip fare ticket between Helsinki and Berlin costs about 120 euros.

Finnair also boosting traffic to Berlin

Finland's national airline Finnair reported last month that it also plans to increase the number of flights on its Helsinki-Berlin route. Starting in March of next year Finnair will fly between the German and Finnish capital cities four times a day.

Currently Finnair flies to Berlin three times daily, and the increase will boost capacity up to 145,000 passengers on the route over the next year, according to the company.

The airline also said it will start flying a daily route to the German city of Stuttgart in April 2018.

Finnair also said that it is planning to address an increase in demand for travel from Germany to Asia, by increasing capacity on its routes to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich by flying larger aircraft on those routes during the winter season. Finnair now serves six cities in China and Hong Kong.

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