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Justice Ministry: Finland needs anonymous corruption hotline

The OECD has previously criticised Finland for not adequately protecting whistleblowers who speak up.

File photo. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka / Tiina Kokko

One of the qualities Finland is known for around the world is the country's low level of corruption. Although it slipped down from its perch as "the world's least corrupt country" to its current third-place ranking in recent years, it is still considered one of the least corrupt nations in the world.

However, the country has also received criticism from the OECD for inadequately protecting the identities of whistleblowers after they come forward.

A working group at Finland's Ministry of Justice has proposed setting up a way for residents to report corruption anonymously online.

The group says individuals should be able to report cases of suspected crimes carried out by government officials or workers — without the risk of retribution.

A separate, special investigatory working group is being set up by the ministry, and is expected to convene in the coming months.

The proposal is part of the government's strategy to combat the grey economy and economic crime, according to the ministry.

Research shows that in Finland, employees are often unsure about how, when — and to which agency — possible incidents of corruption can be reported.

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