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Yle publishes English-language presidential election compass

Yle's presidential election compass, which helps voters place themselves in relation to policy stances of the presidential election candidates, is available in English for the first time.

Ylen vaalikone presidentinvaaaleissa 2018.
Yle's election compass is now available in English. Image: Jarkko Ryynänen / Yle
Egan Richardson

Finnish elections are normally accompanied by media, NGO and interest-group produced 'election compasses', which allow voters to compare their views with those of the candidates. This year for the first time Yle's Presidential election compass is available in English.

The compass is an online quiz where voters are asked to agree or disagree with a series of statements on issues ranging from climate change to defence policy via religion and the economy.

The eight candidates in this election have answered the same questions, and commented on many of their answers, allowing voters to gain an accurate picture of which politicians best reflect their own policy preferences.

Yle's election coverage co-ordinator Juho Salminen says that offering the compass in English is a service for the international audience.

"Many people interested in Finnish politics don't understand Finnish or Swedish as well as they do English," said Salminen. "We wanted to offer international audiences an insight into the policy positions of the people who could soon play a leading role in Finnish diplomacy around the world."

Test out the English-language election compass here. Language settings can be changed at the bottom of the page.

Sources: Yle News

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