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Finland's sole Latin radio news programme dodges the axe – until 2019

National broadcaster Yle announced in late November that it planned to discontinue the nearly 30-year old Latin news programme.

Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Yle’s Latin-language radio broadcast Nuntii Latini has been granted a moratorium on a decision to terminate the weekly news programme shy of its 30-year anniversary.

Yle said in a statement earlier this week that it had agreed to postpone implementation of the decision, allowing the programme to remain on air until spring 2019, when it will be exactly 30 years old.

Nuntii Latini is a service that broadcasts new in Latin. The weekly programme began back in 1989 and airs on Fridays on Yle Radio 1 at 6.15pm.

The three-person team behind the programme, Docent Reijo Pitkäranta, Professor Tuomo Pekkanen and Virpi Seppälä-Pekkanen said they had discussed the fate of the show with company bosses.

"Yle has come to an understanding with the makers of the programme that it will continue until spring 2019, when Nuntii Latini will be 30 years old. We have received a great deal of praise for Nuntii Latini and many [listeners] have also lamented its termination. We can now fulfil the wishes of our listeners who appreciate Latin and perhaps inspire [others] abroad to continue the programme," said Yle’s creative content director Ville Vilén.

The Latin programme is widely known abroad, Vilén noted.

"Yle values the efforts of the professors and their team of Latinists. The programme has survived through all these years as a result of their high-quality personal work," he added.

Nuntii Latini offers listeners a review of recent world news as well as human interest stories. Since 2011 it has also been available on Yle Areena.

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