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Fingrid providing electricity network equipment to Ukraine

Finland's transmission system operator Fingrid will supply equipment to help repair damage to Ukraine's electricity grid and power plants.

Finngrids's Länsisalmi substation in Vantaa. Image: Ronnie Holmberg / Yle

The Finnish power grid operator Fingrid is currently renovating its substations, and plans to deliver used equipment from those sites to Ukraine, most likely in January, it announced on Friday.

European grid operators have received a request from Ukrainian companies to support repairs to the war-torn country's electricity grid which has suffered heavily from Russian attacks.

The request for equipment and spare parts was made through ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators.

Fingrid says it is is able to deliver equipment for substations to Ukraine, such as electrical network disconnectors and circuit breakers, instrument transformers and protective relays.

"Fingrid's own energy security will not be compromised because we also keep enough spare parts on hand in case of equipment failures," Fingrid's director Timo Kiiveri said in a Friday release.

New transmission link from Sweden

Fingrid also reported on Friday that the second phase of a new electricity transmission connection between Finland and Sweden will begin next year.

The first phase in the construction of the 400-kilovolt Aurora Line electricity transmission connection began in Finland in the autumn. This phase involves building a 153-kilometre transmission line from the Pyhänselkä substation in Muhos to a new substation at Viitajärvi in Tornio on the Finnish-Swedish border.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, Fingrid said the line will boost the electricity transmission capacity between Finland and Northern Sweden and reduce electricity prices in Finland.

Transmission capacity from Finland to Sweden will increase by 900 megawatts, and capacity from Sweden to Finland will rise by 800 megawatts. The connection will also improve the security of the energy supply in the other Nordic countries and Baltic states.

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