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Confiscated jets returned to operator

Yle reported the aircraft had been confiscated due to links with sanctioned individuals, but they have now been returned.

Image: Harri Koskinen

Yle reported two weeks ago that three private jets had been confiscated. The reason was a suspicion that the planes, operated by the Finnish firm Polar Aviation, had been owned by or used by individuals on EU sanctions lists.

The National Enforcement Authority last week rescinded the decision, without explaining the reasons for the u-turn. The authority told Yle's MOT programme that it could not publicly comment on individual cases.

Neither will the authority explain why they originally believed the planes were used by those on sanctions lists.

Polar Aviation denies that the planes are linked to any individuals on sanctions lists. MOT reported in April 2022 that the planes in question were under Russian ownership.

According to MOT's information, the planes were owned by Russian businessman Sergei Grischenko, who has had a long career in Russia's state-owned Gazprombank.

The bank was also the planes' previous owner. Grischenko is not a target of EU sanctions.

Polar Aviation denies that the planes are owned by Russians, but will not say who does own the aircraft.

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