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Walrus diets and Finland's other most-Googled topics of 2022

Search engine giant Google revealed what people in Finland wanted to know most about this year.

A stranded walrus made headlines in Finland for several days before its death in July, swaying Finnish people's hearts and search habits. Image: Erkki Syrjäläinen

Russia's war, energy prices and the diet of walruses' were among the search terms that saw the biggest increases in traffic in 2022, according to Google.

Finland's top search results of the year were divided into six categories: conversation topics, news, entertainment, people, sports and questions.

Russia's war in Ukraine featured most in Finnish search bars, with 'Ukraine,' 'the exchange rate of the rouble' and 'why is Russia invading Ukraine' topping their respective categories.

Top searches also reflected the ongoing energy crisis with 'spot price electricity,' 'why is the cost of electricity rising and 'why is the price of petrol rising' among the most googled queries.

Some isolated news events also fuelled Google searches including the car crash that injured three people in Helsinki's Esplanade square during May Day celebrations and Finland's beloved stranded walrus. 'What do walruses eat' and 'who drove in Esplanadi' were the third and tenth most googled questions in 2022.

Festival names and 'last-minute departures' also made a comeback, following a roughly two-year pandemic hiatus, according to Google's report.

"The top searches show how googling has become an integral part of Finns' everyday life. All sorts of people in Finland have searched for information relating to everyday issues, current affairs, entertainment, hobbies and also ask questions, including questions they perhaps wouldn't dare to ask otherwise. The most trending searches were indeed the most talked about topics of the year as seen in news and public conversations" Google Finland's head of comms Markus Helaniemi told Yle.

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